Automation solutions in cell therapy development

Over the last decade, T cell therapy has proven to be a revolutionary clinical solution to several devastating, and often fatal diseases. Yet, the T cell therapy manufacturing process can be a complex, manual and labor-intensive process. This has an impact on regulatory compliance and can prolong timelines to get biopharmaceuticals to the patients who need it the most. To address these process development challenges, at Thermo Fisher, we are focused on developing automation solutions that can mitigate these manufacturing roadblocks, with the goal of getting therapies to patients faster.

Through digital automation, our series of closed, modular instruments can be both physically and digitally integrated to increase standardization, and help customers successfully reach their cell therapy manufacturing milestones. This physical and digital connectivity using automation could potentially help reduce the overall cost of production of cell therapies.

During this talk, we will discuss specific challenges biotech and pharma customers may face within the T cell therapy process workflow, and how those challenges can be overcome by leveraging automation across a broad range of production scales.