2023 BioMAN Summit

Ensuring quality is a key challenge for the goal of delivering revolutionary biotherapeutics to the patients who need them. This Summit explores how a broad range of stakeholders are advancing their ability to ensure the quality of these innovative product modalities.

MIT’s Center for Biomedical Innovation will host the 2023 BioMAN Summit, which brings together thought leaders from industry, academia, and government for a series of invited presentations to investigate:

  • What process designs are being used to maintain key product quality attributes of complex biologic products and to minimize introduction and formation of process- and product-related impurities?
  • How are manufacturers ensuring safety of novel product modalities when traditional unit operations such as affinity purification, filtration, and viral inactivation cannot be used?
  • What analytical platforms are being developed to provide rapid measurement of critical process parameters and product quality attributes?
  • How are manufacturers approaching setting specifications for their complex biologic products?
  • How are manufacturers addressing the impact of raw materials and supply chain characteristics on product quality attributes for these products?
  • What efforts are underway to digitalize quality control and quality assurance for these products?


Presentations will be given by the following participating organizations:

Keynote Presentations by:

Dr. Peter Marks, US FDA

Dr. Isabelle Rivière, Takeda


Additional Talks by:








The 2023 Summit program will be available soon. Check back here for updates closer to the event.


Registration for the 2023 Summit will be opening soon!


Please reach out to Lola Atitebi if you are are interested in
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The 2023 Summit will take place at the Samberg Conference Center, 50 Memorial Drive, Building E52, Cambridge, MA 02139.  Check back later for more information on the virtual portion of the event!


The BioMAN Summit is made possible by these event sponsors:

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