Admin Page

Here are a few directions and info on how to administrate this site effectively over time:


Sort by name doesn’t allow for sort by last name. The default sort is by publish date – manually changing these to reflect the order you want speakers to appear in is the current workaround.

With archiving in place (see below), ensure each speaker is tagged for the year(s) they are part of the summit. Do not delete speakers from previous years – they are retained to appear on the archived pages.

Archiving the previous year’s event and updating to the current year

  1. Duplicate the current year’s page (Home)
  2. Rename to “[year] Summit” – e.g. 2021 Summit
  3. Go to Appearance > Menus and make a menu that mimics the 2021 menu, which has:
    1. A Home link that points to the current year page
    2. A [year] Summit link that points to the archived year page
    3. Links that point to the new page URL with the anchors (e.g. /2021-summit/#info)
  4. Then, while still on the Menus page, click the Green “Click Here” button to go to the Different Menus in Different Pages settings
  5. On the Different Menus in Different Pages settings page:
    1. Click “Add Different Menu”
    2. Select the new menu you just made
    3. Click “Settings” next to it
    4. On the Add different menu conditions pop-up that appears:
      1. Go to the Pages tab
      2. Select the page for the year you are archiving
      3. Click “Save Changes”
  6. Go to Speakers and do the following:
    1. Select all the speakers who should be maintained for the year you are archiving
    2. At the top of the table, select “Edit” from the Bulk actions drop down and click “Apply”
    3. Add a tag for the year you are archiving (e.g. 2021)
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 above for each page of speakers that have people on it who should be included for that year
    5. Go to the new year page created above.
    6. Edit the page with WPBakery Builder
    7. Go to the Speakers list added to the page
    8. Edit to retrieve only speakers with the year tag added
  7. Once you’ve created the archive page, you can now edit the current year page, menu, speakers, footer, etc. to be the current year info.
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