Yama AbassiĀ 

Associate Vice President of New Market Development

Dr. Yama A. Abassi received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry with Honors from SUNY/Stony Brook and a PhD degree in Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology fromUniversity of California at Santa Barbara in 1999. Dr. Abassi joined the Burnham Institute for Cancer Research as an NIH Post-Doctoral fellow in 1999 and performed his research on understanding the molecular and genetic basis of cancer metastasis. Subsequently, Dr. Abassi joined theBiopharma industry to develop targeted therapies for cancer and work on personalized medicine. Dr. Abassi has also developed unique technologies for screening of novel drugs against cancer and other diseases. He has over 10 issued patents and has authored over 30 research publications. Dr Abassi currently leads New Market Development effort within Agilent Technologies focused on Cell and Gene Therapies.