Samin Akbari

Head, Miniaturization and Sensorics, Corporate Research

Samin is the head of miniaturization and sensorics at corporate research group within Sartorius. She is leading the research in RNA, Cell therapy and Process analytics tools with focus in miniaturized and small-scale bioprocesses. She joined Sartorius in 2019 and is advancing development of novel tools to overcome the challenges in manufacturing and quality control of recombinant protein, RNA, and cell-based therapeutics. Prior to joining Sartorius, she was working on drug delivery devices at Amgen and implantable sensors at Johnson & Johnson. During her postdoc at MIT and Harvard, she has developed microfluidic tools for high throughput screening of antibody-screening cells and tissue-engineering for iPSCs. She has received her PhD in 2013 from Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne in Switzerland. She has over 25 patents and 25 peer-reviewed publications.