Claire Davies

Head of Bioanalytics, US, UK, Amsterdam

As head of bioanalytics at Sanofi, Claire Davies leads a team of >90 people involved in development, qualification, and transfer of methods to internal and external commercial quality control units; characterization, comparability, and developability of proteins and gene therapies; and analytical support for up- and downstream development, production, product release, and stability testing. She has served in a number of roles over 18 years with Sanofi, from chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) leadership of preclinical to commercial products (leading and coordinating multidepartmental teams and mentoring analytical subteam leaders) to writing regulatory submissions and participating in regulatory inspections. She holds a bachelor of science in biochemistry from the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom and a PhD from the University of London, and her postdoctoral work was at St. Bart’s and the Royal London Medical College and Harvard Medical School.