Breaking New Ground: Building the Future of Biological Innovation and Manufacturing Today

We all know that innovation is happening faster now than ever before. Phase I and Phase II assets have transitioned 50 percent faster since 2018 than between 2013 and 2018, according to a McKinsey study earlier this year. Investors are following suit, and the amount of money and number of deals involving the biotech sector has continued to grow, even throughout these tumultuous economic times. However, with progress comes challenge. We are still seeing too many bottlenecks in the development of new modalities-from the availability of biological ingredients to scaling of techniques to the execution of clinical trials. In 2021, Harvard and MIT partnered with Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies, Cytiva, and Alexandria Real Estate Equities to bring the best of academia, the life sciences industry, and world-class research hospitals together to accelerate the development and production of novel cell and gene therapies and mRNA products. The result: Landmark Bio, a collective endeavor that seeks to forge a pathway for life sciences innovators to translate leading-edge research into life-changing therapies. Join Landmark Bio CEO Ran Zheng to learn more about this new endeavor, what makes it different, and key takeaways for developing ATMP capabilities for today and tomorrow.