The Potential of Gene Circuits and the Importance of Building Innovative Cell Therapy Manufacturing Capabilities

With the growing adoption of cell and gene therapies, there is an increased need for gene circuit technologies to control therapeutic activities. We developed four classes of gene circuits that address key limitations in current therapeutic approaches. First, logic gating gene circuits integrate multiple targets to pinpoint diseased cells and spare healthy ones. Second, multi-arming gene circuits can hit multiple disease pathways to reduce disease evasion. Third, regulator dial gene circuits dynamically control activity in vivo to address narrow therapeutic windows. Fourth, smart sensor gene circuits precisely detect and respond to disease environments. As Senti Bio’s gene circuit platform technologies are applied into clinical applications, a key consideration is the ability to efficiently manufacture these sophisticated potential product candidates at appropriate scale and quality. We are building GMP manufacturing capabilities to focus on gene circuit-enabled allogeneic cell therapies, with an initial objective to flexibly support initial clinical trials for our lead product candidates. Our allogeneic cell process produces over 100 doses in a single clinical batch, with the potential to expand to thousands of doses at future commercial scale. We believe the combination of gene circuit technology with advanced manufacturing capabilities is critical to next generation cell and gene therapies.